John Cena To Nikki Bella: I Won’t Get Married Again, And I Won’t Have Kids

superstar John Cena doesn’t want to get married or have kids with Nikki Bella, he cleared it in the finale of Total Divas and it really left a lot of suspense plus sign of interrogations till the return of second season.

Fans are still thinking that Nikki Bella will success to convinse to Cena to get marry. Remember that Cena has clearly stated in the E! News’ reality show that he would not marry Nikki and would not have kids with her either.

Cena said, “I won’t give you that. I won’t get married again and I won’t have kids.” In a serious conversation with Cena, Bella admits that she thinks she’d feel empty if she never had children and she lets him know how she feels.

Cena cuts Bella’s conversation and replied her, “I’m gonna choose my words carefully. I can’t give you that.” Nikki retorted while drinking, “I make all of the sacrifices, and you make none.” Will Nikki Bella and John Cena will get married? We will have to wait for the brand-new season of Total Divas begins this March on E! News.Last year, this was really a shocking moment when Cena announced of divorce to Elizabeth Huberdeau in May claiming “irretrievably broken” then she was allegedly blindsided and she started challenging their prenuptial agreement so Cena would have to pay for how incompetently he treated her during for the separation.