Inspiring Eye Makeup Tutorial

Start with applying the moisturizer and serum all over the wet face, create a perfect skin with foundation or concealer cause that is the quality of Lee, Hyori has beautiful  skin too which enhance the look of her eyes too.

Start eye makeup with eye makeup base by using light peach mate eye base that we normally use as a face primer but you should use toda that on eyes to get the perfect look. Apply liquid eyeliner to define the top and bottom lash lines and meanwhile when it get dry we will groom the eye brow.

Use a very light brown eye shade to groom my eye brown cause we are trying to get a soft look and black or dark shade would make the look too sharp. Remember that you should use light or dark shade according to your skin tone. To make it darker, take a black pencil liner and shade in the lash lines and also to make the lines look softer cause the dark shiny line will create a sharp look.

Take a shimmer white base and apply it all over the lid, you can use transparent silver highlighter too if you don’t have the light base, anything will work as long as it’s white with little shimmer or sparkle. Take a gold tone eye shadow apply it at the outer rim of your eyes and then start blending it inward on just 1/3 of your lid.And now take a shiny pinkish silver or brown shade and apply at the remaining part of your lid and blend well and then we will take slightly light gray color and will apply on the center of the lid and blend with finger. Apply at the inner corner of the eyes and will take the same shade with angle brush and apply a very thin line under the lower lash line also.